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Craft Beer Matoll

Work and effort Matoll born Brewery. We are a small brewery which aims to publicize the craft beer as a product of proximity, sustainable and quality, and also taking advantage of the origin of the ingredients in our environment, in order to preserve the territory.
Made by Infocus Studio

Visits and Beermuts

We will be glat that you come to visit us to enjoy a goog Beermut with us.
Come weekens or get in touch with us.
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Cerveza artesana Matoll


We developed a complete range of ten craft beers. Fresh, aromatic and with character.

Pack Regalo cerveza artesana Matoll

Give Matoll

Lots formats as 33cl or 75cl excuse not to have to give away beer Matoll.



Come to the brewery and you can enjoy the best beermut our craft beer.


We developed craft beer because we like, and in order to create a kind of genuine and quality product. We incorporate products of the area with the elder and we maridamos with artisan products and of proximity.
We work cooperatively and social values​​, whether to the territory, and the ways to manage the project.


All weekends may make a visit to our facilities for free.
And for just 5€ you can enjoy a good beermut our craft beer.
Prior booking : or 619437207



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