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Who we are

Who are we

We are Quim, Josep M and Jordi, in love with our land and the quality that it gives us.

Located in the river Corb valley, in the town of Belianes in l’Urgell, we have adapted our premises, a former site of local interest – where the village’s almonds used to be toasted – and we have equipped it with the machinery necessary to produce 500 litres. We use only malt barley or wheat, hop flowers, water from the village and yeast, the basic ingredients to make artisanal beer.

We produce craft beers, quality and genuine, incorporating local plants, such as elderberry. We do it in a cooperative manner, and with social values, both in reference to the area, and in the way we manage the project. We collaborate giving work to people with disabilities integrating them in the process of elaboration.

Nosaltres som Matoll

The factory

In the north west of the village of Belianes, 25 La ClosaStreet, the Matoll brewery occupies part of the property of Cal Mariano. On the lower part of the property, you can find a stone olive press which was fully functioning between the 20s and 40s.

The brewery lies where the almonds were classified and toasted in the 60s. This small industry lasted until the early 80s, employing five people.

After twenty years as a storage room and work space of the architect D. Gelabert I Fontova, in 2013, the Matoll Brewery began its adventure in the world of artisanal beer, converting the space into a micro-brewery.

With some privileged views of l’Urgell, and the pre-pyrenees in the background, it is an idyllic place to produce artisanal beer.

Antiga Fàbrica Matoll

The area

The MatollBrewey is in Belianes, in the extreme south of the county of l’Urgell, on the left of the river Corb. At an altitude of 373m rises a small village of 580 inhabitants whose main activity is arable agriculture, with the presence of almond and olive trees, and a lesser quantity of grape vines. Livestock, small business and a declining brick kiln industry make up the rest of the local economy

Belianes and twenty other villages make up The Corb Valley, whose identity is marked by this tributary of the Segre river.

Mapa Vall del Corb



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