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In Matoll Brewery elaborate top-fermented ales, an explosion of flavors and fragrances for everyone.

Of the five craft beers currently produce, we can enjoy a range of lighter beers such as Matoll Blat (Wheat) as Matoll Rossa (Blond) or as Matoll Marinada, to a volcano fresh aromas that can be found in Matoll Saüc (Elderflower). We also tasty and maltose Matoll Roja (Red), the character and presence of Matoll Torrada (Toasted), the most musical La Terrasseta. The Fart de Cops is the most demanding of all, black and fresh. Now also in limited edition, the Saison, beer aged in Costers del Segre wine barrel.

Our last beers

Matoll & Mollerussa

American Pale Ale

Matoll Marinada

Half IPA

The Classical Ones

La Terrasseta

Indian Pale Ale

Ampolla Matoll La Terrasseta 33

Matoll Rossa

Pale Ale

Rossa Petita

Matoll Blat

American Wheat

Blat Petita

Matoll Torrada

Brown Ale

Torrada Petita

Matoll Roja

Red Ale

Ampolla Matoll Roja 33cl

Matoll Saüc

Flower AleAmpolla Matoll Saül 33cl

 Fart the Cops

Black IPA

Cervesa Matoll Fart de Cops


MS Matoll&Matallonga

Wine with flower of elder