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Matoll Torrada

Ampolles Matoll Torrada Formats
Matoll Got

TYPE- Brown Ale.
MALTS- Pale, Amber, Wheat, Chocolat, Munich.
HOPS- EK Golding, N.Brewer, St.Golding

TASTING NOTE- Dark brown color. High character in the aroma, whit a medium-high intensity. Fruity and floral notes, followed by notes of coffee, cocoa and caramel notes. The presence of cereal and toast notes, is combined with the freshness of the beer. Coffe regards appears elegantly down the mouth, achieving that each sip is long and kind.

RECOMMENDED FOOD- Rice, pasta and meat. Dessert of chocolate and cheeses. Also spicy.

Alcohol (ABV): 7%

Amargor (IBU): 45

Color (EBC): 36



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