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La Terrasseta

“A beer that will cool you a little while listening to the Terrasseta de Preixens. Scrub in tribute to the Terrasseta de Preixens produces a subtle IPA of 60 Ibus.” By Xavi Ayala (Somelier).

Ampolla Matoll La Terrasseta 33
Ampolla Matoll La Terrasseta 75
STYLE- Indian Pale Ale (IPA).
MALTS- Bohemian pils, Munich and Carapils.
HOPS- Willamete, Magnum, Mosaic, Chinook and Sorachi ace.

TASTING NOTES- Golden colour. High aromatic intensity. Aroma, hops are present, as it could not be otherwise, but this vegetable part is a perfume. In the mouth it is fresh, slightly bitter and above all with a taste of Matoll (salt + vegetable). Bread, baking and honey notes, accompany fruits notes like mango, tangerine, lime and grapes, expressed intensely, combined with balsamic notes, and a dry bitterness, grassy and moderately high, but balanced. Medium body and gasification.
A different IPA, fruity and greedy!

RECOMMENDED FOOD – Ideal for introducing you to IPA fashion. At the level of combination, it is perfect for elaborate snacks that look to Andalusia (fried fish, shrimp cake) as well as sausages such as a good Iberian ham or even fish shavings.

Alcohol (ABV): 6%

Amargor (IBU): 60

Color (EBC): 10



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